Our Impact

What motivates us?

Young people motivate our youth support.

We meet young people in Dundee who want to have a voice and find a safe space to be listened to and heard. Young people tell us that they make decisions that are seen as risky not through a lack of education but as a means of escape… a way of expressing unresolved feelings. Alternatives Youth Support understands the importance of giving young people a safe space to explore feelings, to express ideas and find meaning and purpose. Our team are trained to facilitate effective listening in group and one to one settings. In both of these settings young people open up in ways they say that they haven’t before as they feel safe and heard.

Agencies we have worked with endorse our activities.

The sessions have been a great safe place for the girls and have allowed the girls to grow better friendships with each other whilst learning to respect themselves and others better. Thank you so much for working with our girls! The sessions have been fab”

“Very professional and attentive to the needs of the young people in the group and flexible to the nature of issues some have”

“Girls were challenged in a safe environment and felt able to voice concerns which youth workers will continue to work through with young people. I will recommend this project to all the partner agencies I work with”

“I am so impressed by the work at the girl’s group. For a lot of girls it is the highlight of their week and I definitely saw improvements of confidence for many of them. I  would 100% recommend this group to other organisations” 

“The confidence of the girls definitely improved as friendships blossomed”

Feedback from our young people includes;

“This course has taught me that I am different to other people and that’s ok”

“I shouldn’t listen to other people’s nasty comments and have my own opinion”

“I have learnt to say no”

“I don’t just have to do the same as everyone else”

“I feel safe now and know where to go if I am worried about something”

“I have learnt that writing words down helps me to express my anger rather than just hitting someone” “

“I have learnt that if I felt scared, I wanted other people to feel scared so I lashed out at them. Now I can ask for help if I’m scared”