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During these times of social distancing many women are experiencing abortions alone or at home. For some this works well, for others it is more difficult.

How should I prepare?

Many women take time to talk through their decision. But when choosing to have an abortion, there can be little time to think though how it might be and what to expect.

We have gathered some ideas of what might be helpful to think about if you are going to have an abortion in hospital or at home.

Prepare the evening– make sure that you have food for the evening ready so that you don’t have to think or prepare later.

Preparing to have an abortion at home?  –It can be helpful to make sure you have everything you will need at home. This might be plenty of toilet paper, sanitary pads, tissues and wipes. You might want a stress ball or something to squeeze and breathing apps or exercises to support you in the day. Prepare plenty to eat and drink throughout the day.

Distraction -prepare a collection of short youtube clips or apps that you can watch (it can be difficult to focus on a film or tv show)

Going to hospital?

During this time of social distancing most women will be alone if they are in hospital. These are items that you might want have with you to get through the day.

  1. hand cream 
  2. tissues
  3. hair bobbles
  4. snacks and bottles of water
  5. mints (especially at the moment when masks are being worn)
  6. cosy socks of flip flops (you might want to walk around and not have to put shoes on)
  7. magazines, puzzle books or colouring books, pens (items that you can leave behind)
  8. something to squeeze (foam ball or stress ball)
  9. breathing apps or breathing exercises written down
  10. a hand held fan (it can be very warm in the room)
  11. ear plugs (it is noisy outside) or earphones for music

letter to self– writing a letter to yourself before you have an abortion can be a way of taking care of yourself. Try to write down the reasons for you decision, and crucially how you feel.

You are not alone- remember that you can debrief with one of our team during or after the abortion. Arrange this in advance to ensure a team member is available.