During this time when we are unable to meet with you face to face we have put together some resources that you might find helpful.

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Understanding loss is a metaphor which helps describe how it can feel to grieve.

Behind the wall is an image which describes a sense of being trapped by overwhelming emotions.

Rescue package is a page of links, articles and apps we are gathering which you may find helpful during this difficult time for the whole nation, facing the Corona Virus.

For those experiencing abortion during lockdown we have put together a kindness page to help you prepare.

Negative self talk

Facing times of crisis and distress can often trigger negative self talk. This can become a powerful and destructive force in our lives and often taps into shameful think we have about ourselves. Isolation can make this worse, we can become locked in to our negative thoughts about ourselves. We can feel like we are trapped by our negative thoughts and powerless to change this.

Follow this link to hear more about coping with shame.


This is a page of resources that you may find helpful while face to face support is not available. please follow links to the following resources.