Support for birth parents

Alternatives REFLECT program provides support for parents who no longer have their children in their care. This may be because their children have been removed from them, or because they have decided themselves that they are not going to be able to care for them.

The feelings they are left with can be complicated, difficult to unravel and are often secret.

For some this can become a general feeling of anxiety which can be difficult to live with.

REFLECT provides real care for parents who wish to take the time to understand what has happened to them. It enables each person to tell their own story and make sense of the losses and trauma they have experienced. REFLECT builds resilience to cope with day to day life and enables each person to work out what their needs are and set dreams and goals for the future.

REFLECT is a relational, person centred approach, seeing each individual as unique and valuable and so much more than the hard things they have experienced.

Please contact 01382 221112 for more information