What will happen when I come?

It can feel daunting to look for support from a place you have never been.

You might wonder what you will say or how it will feel to talk to someone you don’t know.

We understand this.

The team at Alternatives Dundee are not here because we have all the answers or can fix your situation, we are here because we want to be alongside you at a difficult time.

So what happens?

You can self refer easily by sending an email, text or leaving a phone message requesting support or by following this link.

A team member will get back to you as soon as possible. We will ask you a few questions about your situation and when are you available, this will help us find the team member who is best for you. We will do our best to find a time and day that suits you, or if you prefer, we can offer you support over the phone or through email.

Will anyone know?

Our service is confidential, this means that the things we talk about and your personal details are kept locked securely and we won’t share your story with anyone else.  The only time we break confidentiality would be if we are concerned for your safety or the safety of another person. We would always talk with you about this first.

What about walking in?

Our room is the Dundee Voluntary Action building (10, Constitution Road).  This building hosts a large number of charities and many people come and go from the building each day, both service users and staff. This means that no one will know why you are there which feels safe and anonymous. When you come to reception just ask for Alternatives and we will come and meet you.

What happens on the first appointment?

Appointments last for one hour.

Let your team member know if you are concerned to be out sooner because you have only 60 minutes parking.

  • On your first appointment you will be asked to complete a support agreement. This asks for your name, address, date of birth and a contact number so we can get in touch if we need to cancel an appointment. You will get a copy to take home.
  • Your team member will explain what our support looks like and will listen to what your thoughts an concerns are. We are person centred which means we respond to what you are thinking and feeling. Your team member is trained to help support you in this.
  • You can arrange a further appointment if you feel you would like.
  • At the end of your time with us you will be asked to complete a survey that gives us feedback on our service and helps us make it the best experience we can.

“I’ve had support that’s helped me, received understanding and assurances…amazing, great service”