What We Do

Our Story

Alternatives Dundee listening rooms are here because we often feel alone when facing uncertain situations in our lives. Our LISTENING ROOMS are there for people who are experiencing unintended pregnancy, abortion, or pregnancy loss. We believe that no one should be forced to face this alone. We responded to the need for tailored, non-directional support and have 25 years of experience in offering a unique specialist service in Dundee. we support 70 women and their partners each year.

What are Listening Rooms?

The aim of our listening rooms is to create a space to enable change through compassionate and skilled support.

We are passionate about the person centred approach believing that each person accessing our listening service deserves support that is non-judgmental, non-directional and without an agenda.

We provide support and the information that clients need to make decisions that are right for them and to move forward after difficult situations. We are not a medical service, and can signpost clients on to medical support they require.

Clients are may be signposted by health professionals or may find us independently.

Self referrals are made by requesting appointments through text, phone or email.

Who are we?

Alternatives Dundee is a Scottish charity no SC023483  set up to meet this need. We are governed by a board of 7 trustees and are registered with OSCR (Scottish Charity Register)

As a charity we believe in excellence in the governance of our service and are one of the first four charities to achieve the Good Governance Award  the quality standard for Scottish charities.

Our team of 12 support workers come from all backgrounds and from all walks of life; counsellors, teachers, nurses, G.P, designers and accountants. Each support worker is required to complete a minimum of 120 hours of training in person centred counselling skills accredited by COSCA (Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland) as well as our unique specialist training program. Some team members are accredited counsellors.

We are organisational companion members of COSCA and work is done in accordance with their ethics and code of practice. We are committed to the COSCA aim to be,

‘a listening and caring society that values people’s wellbeing’

All of our staff and team members are supervised.