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Facing infertility can be difficult, upsetting and all-consuming. Our team is there to listen, individually or as a couple, to help unravel some of the impact you have experienced.

Infertility Support Dundee

The experience of infertility can be a difficult journey. It can be sad, exhausting and all-consuming. Sometimes it can be hard to know what you are feeling and how to cope with these feelings. Often infertility is isolating and hidden and can cause tensions in relationships and friendships.

One in six couples experience some form of infertility, and yet, it can feel like a very lonely journey.
Those around can ask intrusive or insensitive questions which can make social interaction difficult.

There can be little support available beyond treatments, which, when unsuccessful can leave couples coping with mounting losses, unseen by those around them.

Infertility can put a huge strain on your relationship. You might feel like this is something that has overshadowed you and your partner for years. It might feel difficult to enjoy normal life together.

Ending fertility treatments may also be a decision you are considering. This can be a difficult decision and you might both feel differently about when to decide to stop fertility treatment. Making the decision to end fertility treatment can feel like a loss in itself. At the same time it might also bring relief.

Reflect offer specialist counselling for those who would like support, individually, or as a couple for loss through infertility. We can provide a space where you will be listened to and understood, and where you can unravel some of the feelings you have experienced.

You will be assigned a team member who will get to know you and be there for you as you go through this time. For some it is enough to meet once or twice, others want support for longer.
The first step is to arrange an initial appointment where we will talk with you first and answer any questions you may have. After this you will be matched with a counsellor who will work with you from then on. There is currently a wait of around 8 weeks following an initial appointment to begin working with a counsellor.

Contact us here to request an initial appointment.

Our appointment are available over telephone, online video and face to face.

Booking an appointment

If you or someone you know would like to talk to someone you can arrange an appointment online, or give us a call or send a text to 07599 955 231.

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I was given space to talk and be heard, without judgement. Something I didn’t have anywhere else at the time.

November 2019

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