Download creates a place where young people 12 to 25 years old can express how they are feeling and share their experiences in a confidential and safe place. Be real. Be heard. Be valued.

Download Youth Counselling Dundee

Download is a place where young people (12-25 years old) can express how they are feeling and share their experiences in a confidential and safe place. Our project recognises young people need a space to be heard and valued when they are feeling unsure about their lives, their emotions or decisions – sometimes we need a space to talk about “stuff”!

Our Download team provide safe, confidential and quiet spaces where you can “download” you story to our trained and friendly team. These spaces are all about you exploring your thoughts, emotions and experiences – our team are here to help you find a way forward that’s best for you. This can sometimes last for many sessions or sometimes you may just need one! We are also able to deliver support in our own counselling rooms, in community spaces or through telephone, online web-chat (text based support) or through video call.

Our team recognise there is no “one right way” to deliver support. We encourage you to tell us what helps you share your story. Our project can use a variety of creative resources (e.g. arts and crafts, collages, timelines) or can use none use none at all – the choice is yours!

How can Download help?

Download empowers you to understand yourself and maintain positive wellbeing.

Each young person will be allocated to a dedicated and trained ‘Listener’, and will initially be offered up to 8 support sessions – there is no commitment to attending all 8 sessions and if you feel you need further support after 8 sessions this can be discussed with your listener.

Explore some of our past clients stories, who have shared how they felt about the support they received from Download.

Your stories

Your voice

When I am here, I can be myself… I get to share what’s really going on and it helps me be less angry and confused.

Who can access Download?

You can access Download if you:

  • are between 12-25 years old
  • are feeling low about yourself
  • are finding yourself in a difficult situation
  • are facing making a big decision and unsure what to do
  • are currently struggling with friendships or relationships
  • are not receiving therapeutic support (e.g. counselling, CAMHS)

Download is a pre-mental health diagnosis, early intervention listening service. Although we recognise the huge need for young people’s mental health support, we do not offer counselling advice or therapy.

Our listening service is therefore only available to those who do not already have a mental health diagnosis and are not already receiving counselling or mental health support from another service.

If we feel we cannot offer the level of support that a young person needs, we will signpost to another service with the permission of the young person. We recognise that telling your story over and over to different people can be a very negative experience and we don’t want that to happen by accepting referrals for specific support that we don’t offer.

Be real. Be heard. Be valued.

Helpful Resources

We have put together some resources that you might find helpful while we work on arranging an appointment for you.

Behind the wall

An image which describes a sense of being trapped by overwhelming emotions.

COVID19 Rescue Package

A page of links, articles and apps that you may find helpful during the Covid-19 Lockdown.

Media Library

A library of encouraging quotes and videos which discusses a variety of issues such as anxiety, stress and more.