We provide a free and confidential counselling service where you can talk through what is happening for you, what you are feeling and explore any decisions you want to make.

Reflect Counselling Support Dundee

Reflect offers counselling for individuals who are facing;

  • A pregnancy decision
  • Pregnancy loss
  • Abortion
  • Infertility
  • Baby loss
  • Children in care

When we go through difficult times in our lives we often feel alone. Even if we are surrounded by people who care it can be difficult to feel able to really talk through what you are feeling. Sometimes you need to talk with someone who is not involved. Our reflect team are here to listen to you and help you talk about the things you are going through.

Our reflect team provide quiet, confidential spaces.

We offer counselling through face to face appointments or through telephone, online video appointments.

Appointments last for 50 minutes and will take place at a prearranged time.

Booking an appointment

If you or someone you know would like to talk to someone you can arrange an appointment online, or give us a call or send a text to 07599 955 231.

Arrange an appointment

Need support now?

If you need urgent support, we encourage you to contact one the following services.


Call 116 123

Breathing Space

Call 0800 83 85 87

Emergency Services
Call 999

How can Reflect help?

Our reflect team will help you to tell your story when you feel ready. This can be helpful to make sense of what you are feeling. Our team will never judge you or tell you what to do.

If you would like to book some listening space or know someone that does, please text or call 09599 955231 or send us an email.

Some of our clients have told how the support has helped them.

Your voice

The image you showed me really brought a lump to my throat. That really is how I feel.

Who can access Reflect?

You can access Reflect if you live in Tayside and if you:

  • are deciding about continuing or ending a pregnancy
  • want more information about abortion and how to prepare
  • have experienced an abortion and would like some support
  • have experienced a pregnancy loss
  • have lost a baby through still birth
  • have lost a baby under the age of 2
  • are experiencing infertility
  • are pregnant and are thinking about releasing your baby for adoption
  • are a birth parent and no longer have care of your child

For some people it can take many years to be able to talk about what they have been through. This is OK. Sometimes we support people decades after they have experienced a loss. Whenever you are ready we are here to be alongside you.

If you are under 25 then you will be supported by our specialist youth team.

If you are already working with a counsellor, we may ask that you wait until you have finished working with them before accessing our service.

I need an appointment quickly!

Those who are facing a difficult pregnancy decision can expect to be seen very soon after getting in touch, this can normally be arranged within a few days.

If you need longer term support we will offer you a first session where you will talk things through with a team member who will help decide with you how to support you best.

This may be over the telephone , online or face to face. They will also decide which team member would be best to support you. Support normally last for 12 sessions.

There may be a wait for counselling, our team are working quickly to support people as soon as possible. We understand that you have taken courage to ask for help and are at the point of being ready for support.

Helpful Resources

We have put together some resources that you might find helpful while we work on arranging an appointment for you.

Behind The Wall

An image which describes a sense of being trapped by overwhelming emotions.

Understanding Loss

A metaphor which helps describe how it can feel to grieve.

Media Library

A library of encouraging quotes and videos which discusses a variety of issues such as anxiety, stress and more.