School Counselling

This page will help answer any questions you may have about our in school counselling services.

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Where are your school counselling services?

We are the current school counselling provider for the following schools in Dundee

  • Braeview Academy
  • Craigie High School
  • Rockwell Learning Centre

What is counselling?

Counselling is a safe, non-judgemental space to talk about your life, thoughts and feelings and help find a way forward from any challenges. For some this may be simply talking things through but we can also support you through using creative resources and other techniques which can be more helpful if you struggle to talk. We understand everyone is unique and different so can work flexibly with each individual to find out what works best for them.

Counselling is confidential, this means what is said during counselling stays between the counsellor and the person. The only time this is broken is when we believe the person is at significant risk of harm or in any immediate danger whereby we would need to tell someone else to make sure they are safe. We will always try tell you if we need to tell someone about something you have said during counselling and will let you know exactly what is being shared and why this is the case.

How long will I/my child be able to access counselling for?

Counselling sessions last around 50minutes to an hour and happen once a week – this is usually the same time and day each week. We initially contract for 12 sessions (approximately the same length as a school term) however the student doesn’t need to use all 12 sessions if they don’t need them all. If a student feels like they need more than 12 sessions, this can be re-contracted with the counsellor.

Sessions can also be delivered during the school holidays (except for 2 week Christmas break)

What days and times will the counsellor be available?

Counselling sessions will be delivered throughout the week, Monday – Friday. The counselling sessions time will vary depending on what school you attend.

Where will the counselling happen?

Counselling can be delivered onsite at each school. The counsellor has been allocated a quiet and private space to meet pupils but could also meet them elsewhere onsite if this was more suitable and comfortable for the young person. The counsellor can also meet young people in community spaces if that feels more comfortable.

If it is easier, counselling can also be done remotely through telephone and video call.

How can I access the school counsellor for myself/my child?

Get in touch with one of the pupil support or guidance staff at your school who can make a referral on your behalf to the counselling service