Stressed, Anxious and Worried

We understand that life can be hard. There are things that we cannot control which can make us feel scared and unsure. Some people call this feeling ‘worry’.

I need help with…

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Worrying thoughts and feelings

It’s ok to feel worried about different things. It could be something that is happening at school or at home. You might feel worried about someone too. These feelings are normal to have and it’s helpful to talk about them.

Exam Stress

We know that exam time is stressful and worrying. Whether this is your first or final exam, it is normal to feel nervous. You may feel there is pressure from parents, teachers and yourself to do well. You may feel sitting exams is the most important thing you will do with the results deciding your future. These thoughts may affect your studying. It can be good to talk to someone about it.

Young Scot have created this resource on How to Survive the Exam Stress.

Relationship and Friendship Problems

Sometimes our friendships and relationships feel like being on a rollercoaster. At one moment you are on a high then suddenly it comes crashing down. It can be hard for us to know how to react or what to say or do. Some days you want to end the relationship. The next day couldn’t see your life without them. The relationship might be complicated. It may make you feel sad, angry or confused. It might be helpful to share these problems with someone.

A difficult situation

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are hard. This may be a situation at school, home or in the community. You may have felt that being in this situation was a good thing at first but now no longer want to be in it. The situation may have happened unexpectedly and you didn’t see it coming. This can be sad, shocking and frustrating. You may feel stuck and unsure of what to do next or if you want to do anything about it at all. You may feel the situation is out of your control. It can be good to reach out for help if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

How we can help…

We can help by listening to your thoughts and feelings. This can last for many sessions or just one. We will get to know you and help you find your way forward. We will not judge you or tell you what to do. We know there are lots of ways to tell your story and you can tell us what will be best for you. We can use tools like colouring, collages, crafts or we can just talk. The choice is yours!

Our support is free and we will not tell anyone what you have told us unless we think you or someone else is not safe. Our support sessions can be during the day or in the evening. Each session is 50 minutes long. Our support is given through face to face, telephone, webchat or video chat.). If you are under 16, we will need your parents or guardian to agree to you using our support.

Text or call 07594145618 or complete our contact form to have some time to talk. We are here for you.

Please note: we are temporarily closing referrals for Download but anticipate this will reopen by October 2023. Any young person who has had a referral submitted before 1/8/2023, has been assessed by our team or is our waiting list are still active within the service.