I’ve Experienced Pregnancy Loss

Losing a pregnancy can be sad and upsetting. There is no certain cause for why it happens. 1 in 4 women experience this loss at some point in their life.

Pregnancy Loss Dundee

There is no right or wrong way to feel about it. It can be hard to talk about. These feelings can stay with us for a long time after it happened. Sometimes having items and routines to remember the pregnancy helps.

We support anyone who has gone through a pregnancy loss in their life. Telling your story takes courage. We will listen and be with you during this tough time. We will get to know you and help find a way forward that is right for you. We also have a Facebook group where you can read stories and connect with others.

Our support is free and we will not tell anyone what you have told us unless we think you or someone else is not safe. Our support sessions can be during the day or in the evening. Each session is 50 minutes long. Our support is given through face to face, telephone, webchat or video chat.

Text or call 07594145618 or complete our contact form to have some time to talk.